Offset Accepts Cardi B’s Rap Battle Challenge


Offset Accepts Cardi B’s Rap Battle Challenge: Offset has accepted his wifey’s challenge to a rap battle. “Can’t wait to end this, once and for all @IAmCardiB. See you on @TikTok tomorrow at 12p PST,” he wrote on Instagram in response to Cardi B’s challenge.

Offset and Cardi B will be going bar-for-bar on the TikTok app which is a social media platform designed to create and share videos as well as livestream.

“You gon’ be the judge tomorrow to see who’s the better rapper, me or my wife, Cardi. Tomorrow, check us out on the TikTok app,” he said. “Yessir, tomorrow who gon’ be the better rapper. You know who gon’ take it home.”

Cardi B initially challenged Offset on Instagram yesterday and said that the loser of the battle has to buy the Christmas decorations for both their homes in Atlanta and New York City.



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