Moment Russian Rapper, Timati’s Daughter Threw His Phone In The Ocean


Timati’s daughter, Alice Yunusova is currently trending on social media after she threw her Dad’s phone into the ocean.

Alice who was spotted craving for her dad’s attention while he was on a call, threw the phone into the ocean after she got a chance with him. Here is the video which captured the moment Timati’s daughter threw his phone in the ocean;

Twitter user @Suzy_qb_ who reacted to the video, wrote;

LMAO That’s the most famous Russian rapper and businessman Timati… His daughter is everything to him. He asked her: Alesya, what did you do?! She said: It’s better this wa

Moment-Russian-Rapper-Timati’ Moment Russian Rapper, Timati’s daughter threw his phone in the ocean

Timati is a popular Russian rap singer, graduate of the “Factory of Stars-4” project, music producer and entrepreneur. In 2014 Timati received the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic.

Timur Ildarovich Yunusov was born to the family of a businessman on August 15, 1983 in Moscow. The famous rapper under the pseudonym Timati has Tatar and Jewish roots. Timur’s family was rich. But his father brought up the boy so that he knew how to achieve everything himself. Timati also has a younger brother, Artem, three and a half years younger than him.

In childhood Timati lived in Moscow on Mira Avenue. Since childhood Timati has been a creative and intelligent child. Then the parents decided to send him to study in a music school in violin. Timur devoted 4 years to the instrument. After school Timati entered the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, having studied there for only six months. When the guy was 13 years old, he went to Los Angeles to study the culture of hip-hop. Sending the child to America, Timati’s father hoped that his son would show interest in studies. But expectations were not fulfilled. Timati left his studies and began attending nightclubs. The rapper firmly decided to join the ranks of show business, so on arrival in Moscow, he began working.

Firstly, Yunusov was engaged in breakdance, and then he organized a rap group “VIP77” with his friend. Such compositions of the duet as “Fiesta” and “I need only you” topped the domestic charts. In 2004 however, the group fell apart.


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